The Italian Elegant tour

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PICAT DA ITALIAN brings you yet another Elegent Tour, The Italian Elegant tour, from the 7th of July 2017.


ITALIAN ELEGANT XPERIENCE is just as sophisticated an event as any that would be hosted in the coliseum. The guests as bold and distinguished as the very inhabitants of the eternal City. This is a gathering of the most tranquil individuals who share a particular liking of the finer things in life. When fashion meets music meets world class the you know it’s that time of the year where the jingles ring to celebrate one of our favourites, PICAT DA ITALIAN.


Gracefully refined and dignified, tastefully fine or luxurious is dress, style and design.

“Italian style is a natural attitude. It is about a life of good taste. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple with good taste. Luxury is possible to buy. Good taste is not”.


“Dressing well is a form of good manners”
The sophistication of the Italians is most prominent here. The way we dress is that that would make a certain Dontella Versace proud. The Elegant Experience is the keynote of luxury, something we all deserve a sprinkling of in our lives. Do dress best , smile best, and dance best, because you’ll never know who might be watching.


If you ever fancy the outrageously expensive then this is surely your event. The music on display is like none ever, gracious in its own being brought to you by Picat Da Italian THE ELEGANT XPERIENCE, musically, is something to be embraced. This one is for the person that truly appreciates music. One who understands that music is life. A true Music lover that won’t limit himself to certain a type of music because of his skin color, or his friends, or what is popular, but rather sample the best of each sound and take in gently then the melodies of Deep Italy. This is for the music lover that seeks valiantly the essence of man and finds that his heart beat also is musical thereby decreeing peace within self. .

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