Deep Housing 001 with Kat La Kat

March 13, 2018 9223 No Comments


LIVE from Vision View Sports Radio, Kat La Kat with your first instalment of the #DeepHousing Session, happen every Sunday on Vision View Sports Radio From 9pm-12am. We’ll be bringing you some of these session LIVE on BestBeatsTv with the likes of Scotch Flavio2sman and Kondi in the mix with Kat La Kat. Listen online here: VisionViewSportsRadio 


1. Segue – Late September
2. Sky Fudge Fingas – Mass X (Vakula Mix)
3. Soothsayers – Dis & Dat (Ben Hauke Remix)
4. Juju & Jordash – SP Shakes
5. Muskidd – Dusk Till Dawn
6. Linkwood – Love Lost
7. Lone – Minds Eye Melody
8. Dauwd – Leitmotiv Casino
9. Times – Keyboard Warrior
10. Roman Lindau – Dip
11. Keytronics – Calypso in My House

Deep House