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Tšhegofatšo Makofane best known as Dew Stelmakhov is a Dub, Deep Tech & Minimal Producer coming from a small town called Burgersfort.

Ever since from an early age Tšhegofatšo (Dew Stelmakhov) always loved playing music which was commonly unknown by most which today is referred as “Underground” Music.
At the age of 13/14 Tšhegofatšo (Dew Stelmakhov) started learning how to Spin (Deejaying) from there he started learning how to produce going on to start hosting his own events,
He then started his own Podcast/Brand titled “Minimal Music” which offers a monthly show, Merchandise & Events.

Minimal Music is supported by
ALÓE R E C O R Ds which is a digital label that promotes both abroad and local underground producers there for there’s no doubt that Tšhegofatso (Dew Stelmakhov) has shared stage with toughest and well known Dj’s/Producers across the country.

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Track list

Fredy, D’Joshep-Martini (Shaf Huse Remix)
Alenjaro Custa-Any Mai Tarziu (Original Mix)
Aldi Bautista-Drink (Original Mix)
Hassio (COL)-Number Pholics (Original Mix)
Dave Eaux-Socially Awkward (Original Mix)
Pana- Peak Freak (Shaf Huse Remix)
Barely Dub-Liquid Glitches (Original Mix)
Barely Dup-UnderGlitch (Original Mix)
Schime-Deep Faith (Original Mix)
Alice Clark-Motives (Original Mix)