Picat's Italian Elegant Xperience

Italian Elegant Xperience (Global Edition 18)

July 19, 2018 7961 No Comments


ITALIAN ELEGANT XPERIENCE is just as sophisticated an event as any that would be hosted in the coliseum. The guests as bold and distinguished as the very inhabitants of the eternal City. This is a gathering of the most tranquil individuals who share a particular liking of the finer things in life. When fashion meets music meets world class the you know it’s that time of the year where the jingles ring to celebrate one of our favourites, PICAT DA ITALIAN.

BestBeats.Tv captured sets by Sean McCabe (Good Vibrations, Uk), Opolopo (Zrecords, Sweden), Christos, Glen Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci, Zeedan & Rephlex.

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