Jazzman with ur #LunchTymMix

August 10, 2019 7891 No Comments


Serving us the #LunchTymMix this week, we have Jazzman, Mr. Deep Inspiration Show, all the way from German dishing out some “Slow Bombs”, enjoy! 

Find him on social media
Facebook: Jazzman 
Instagram: Jazzman


Track list

1. Roberto Bronco – Rest In Peace [Upcoming Deep Inspiration Show Records]
2. Orlando – The Harlem Connection EP [Undertones]
3. El Niño Andrés – UNRELEASED
4. Roberto Bronco feat Mavhuthu Dzege – Inspiration (Extended Version) [Deep Inspiration Show Records, Bandcamp only or you buy the record and get it as bonus]
5. Westpark Unit (Ingo Sänger) – Jam Hot [Farside Records]
6. Nebraska – Keep On Keepin’ On [Razor-N-Tape]
7. Pat Lezizmo – Reves d’Enfants [ Muzik & Friendz
8. Wenawedwa – Bayandilandela [Cool Affair Bandcamp]
9. Khutšo Chuma – Vhanna Vhashu [Khutso Chuma Bandcamp]
10. Someone know for sure ….have to go back to my records
11. El Nino Andres – UNRELEASED
12. Ishmael – Time & Time Again [CHURCHW003]
13. Replika – On the Spot [Muzik & Friendz]