Kasi Soul with ur #LunchTymMix

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Kasi Soul, the other half of Zulu’s At Work, grew up in a household where music wasn’t a big thing hence his versatility in the music he both Plays & listens too showcases how he was musically schooled in & by the streets. Started experimenting with the trade at age 14 through software’s such as Automix, mixing mp3’s, experimenting with different sounds until too much Quentin Harris channeled all energy towards the desire to make & play deep & soulful house……

Kasi – In South Africa, an urban area assigned to black South Africans under apartheid, referred to as a township
Soul – emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, delivered through a work of art such as Music.
Music that embodies the essence & soul which lives and thrives in the township.
Kasi Soul is the name.


For Bookings:

Call: 073 613 1025
Email: Kasisoul1@gmail.com
Facebook: Lunga KasisoulZaw Tlou
Music: www.soundcloud.com/kasi-soul
Instagram: Kasisoul_



01 Cody Currie – I Should Probably Get Some Rest
02 4004 – Reciprocal
03 Helly Larson – Astral Summer
04 CTEPEO ’57 – Sputnik I
05 Scott Diaz – The Ocean Was Always You (Scott’s Atlantic Dub)
06 Anthony Mea – Dont Stop Amore (Deepkeen Remix)
07 Detroit Swindle – F6
08 4004 – In the Mood
09 !Sooks – Bitter Sweet
10 Winnie Deep, Robyn K – Lost In A Groove
11 Scott Diaz – Love We Had (Original Mix)
12 Andy Hart – Dreams on Kepler
13 Cody Currie – Hearty & Healthy