Keegs Bantom with ur #LunchTymMix

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Keegs Bantom is an instinctive house head, a well established young producer and sought after Jozi DJ offers an old soul groovy sound intertwined with sweet melodies and those vocals we all love to love.

Keegs has made steady inroads into the Johannesburg house music community with rock solid appearances at Deeptown, 115 and The Friday Sundowner.

His sets tell stories of good times, motivation and brighter days.

Follow him on:
Facebook: Keegs Bantom
Twitter: @keegsbantom
Instagram: Keegs Bantom

Track list

1) Black Loops, Sandile – Oy (Original Mix)
2) Black Loops, Nikos Haropoulos – King Paul (Original Mix)
3) Vhyce – Duran Duran (feat. Yves Paquet) (Luvless Remix)
4) Black Loops – Cassette 7
5) Mihai Popoviciu – I Should
6) Adam De Smit & Keegs Bantom – xxxxxxxxxx
7) Jus Tadi – Remember (Original Mix)
8) Luces – Revelation
9) !Sooks & Secret Souls – Mouth & Orange
10) Pierre Johnson & Sides – L’avenir (Original Mix)
11) Avi Subban & Pierre Johnson – Rejects (Original Mix)