Marcelo Tavares with ur #LunchTymMix

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Representing São Paulo in Brazil, Marcelo Tavares is serving us the #LunchTymMix this week. His the host of the Deep Space Podcast which has been running for eight years and reached up 280 episodes.

Marcelo has also contributed guestmixes to several well-known sites including Deeper Shades of House (#359#389 & #523deepindub Netlabel Podcast #60, All About House #17, Tranzmitter Netlabel Podcast #44Radio Sharp #11, Midnight Sessions (NYC), PhoneticSouls Music (South Africa), Warehouse Decay Sessions #3, Pure Audio Code, Roots Go Deep Podcast #004SoundDesigners Podcast #45Broque Radio Show #45TROOP Overcast #22Fields & Forests radio, Deep Inspiration Show 394, Deep Obssession Podcast 57, Radio Electronica 103.4 presents Vicmari & Friends, Westside FM 98.9 on #DoItForRadioHeads, Think House Sessions and Fathomless Live Sessions. More recently Deep Space Podcast has joined to Deeper Shades Radio Network among many others great radio shows in shuffle mode, and to every Tuesdays at 14:00 CAT.

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Find him online
Facebook: Marcelo Tavares
Twitter: @marceloxtavares

Track list
1) Buder Prince – Spoken Vox (Ruthes MA Soulful Mix) – [DNH]
2) Peer Du – Never Let U Down – [Deep Inspiration Show]
3) Michael Lovatt – Mata (Original Mix) – [Midnight Social]
4) Chaos In the CBD – North Pole Cafe – [In Dust We Trust]
5) Deeper Phil – Epeng – [DNH]
6) D.nel – Mysteries of The Soil (Original Mix) – [Roots Go Deep]
7) Shmoo – Sidehacker – [Love Notes From Brooklyn]
8) Rafael Melhem & Alex Agore – Colours (Original Mix) – [ALRA]
9) Atjazz – Track 9 (Mix 1) – [Atjazz Record Company]
10) Iron Curtis – Ultraviolett (100mix) – [Morris Audio]
11) Manuel Costela – Night Time Love – [Lovely]