Miggs Foreal live from Lastborn’s 4th Annual Party #BestBeatsTv

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Miggs Foreal doing his thing live from Katlehong. Imagine a universe that allows the divine blueprint for spiritual joy to be channeled and expressed through house music. If you can reach this place, you are truly ready for the Alien, because the Alien has landed. He is MIGGS, and he has been tirelessly playing music for over a decade and it doesn’t look like, even now, as he matures, better than a fine wine, that he has any intention of retiring in the near future. MIGGS sound has engraved its essence 
upon all ears that hear when he had assuredly earned himself an honorary place at FOREAL RECORDS where he released a series of compilation cds titled FOREAL HOUSE STYLES.Well, it all began in that mystical neighborhood in 
PRETORIA, GARANKUWA, the birthplace of so much, for so many.
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