Pet Shop with ur #LunchTymMix #BestBeatsTv

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Music Lover, Dj, Producer & Vinyl Collector. “Pet Shop” also know as Certified Vinylist with your #LunchTymMix live on #BestBeatsTv

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1.Adryiano – Do Not Brag
2.Akshay Makthker – Stellan (Original Mix)
3.Affi Koman – Text Frappuccino (Original Mix)
4.Death On The Balcony – Solar Lives (Superlounge 
Remix )
5.Andy Caldwell feat Ben A – Come With Me (Original Mix)
6.Deep Hertz – Sugar Rush (Tech)
7.Catz ‘N Dogz – Rave History (Pional Remix)
8.Alexi Delano – Water Colors (Original Mix)
9.David Federmann – Dream It (The Layabouts Dub)
10.Between Ourselves – Tunnel Vision (Original Mix)