Punk Mbedzi Live From The Rhythm – Johannesburg

April 6, 2017 5338 No Comments


Punk Mbedzi – Exceptionally talented adaptable, and experimental House/Indie – Dance /Electronic & Afro beats DJ and producer, creating & performing the very best of mellow as well as upbeat afrocentric sounds.

Music is often described as a composition of arpeggios, beats & acoustics etc. combined together to induce a sound that evokes a state of ecstasy,moves your body rhythmically and feeds one’s soul -for Punk it’s just that ,but even more so a way of living, music is his staple diet.

BOOKINGS: bookings@punkmbedzi.co.za | +27787219667

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Event Info.

The Rhythm is music event series. An event focused on exploring the different music influences and the music culture in different cities. The journey is set to begin at Carfax Newtown in Johannesburg.

Hosted by Under Bridges


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