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Representing Welkom, Raymond Mhlanga aka Rayzor Minora has been on the underground scene since 1999, He has built a growing reputation as dynamic soulful, deep house DJ and event organizer ever since he moved to Johannesburg SA in 2002. Growing up in Bulawayo second largest city in Zimbabwe, little did he know about the enormous musical impact he was about to experience in life. From changing his prospective of passion to noticing that musical understanding is busy growing into something meaningful.

Musical resources were drained in the late 90’s by the childhood friends, listening to leading radio shows locally and internationally. Discovering techniques, skills and transformations in the well-known Global Underground Series was and still is an all-time high for the two. Taking notes and analyzing DJ sets within the industry, how the albums were structured, key & chord progressions between songs that was how he continuously educated himself with what was available at that time and played vinyl day in and day out throughout his teenage years.

As a DJ he takes his listeners by the hand to soundscapes in every set and has grown from strength to strength ever since. His ability to play his music genre with his flawless mixing skills and please his crowd makes him more popular in the underground scene to perform at any clubs, events and as well as corporate functions .He has caressed the soul of many joints in the days exclusive clubbing scene and underground parties including those of Color Bar (44 Stanley Milpark), which later changed to Rocka Bar, Fashion TV (World wear Shopping Complex),Spiros Café,Whozoo,and in Zimbabwe during the days of Visions Night Club, Hustlers and Room 112.

Rayzor Minora has performed and managed events at Bettys Tea Lounge ,Capital Lounge ,Keys Lounge and also earned international status with working with the likes of Rocco, Vick Lavender, Paris Cevet,Harrison Crump,Upz ,Abicah Soul, Christos ,Vinny da Vinci, Claude ,Blackcoffee,Claude etc,And in 2007 he used to host Fridays mix show on Dstv channel GO 123 .

With passion and curiosity he also spent countless hours on dance floors supporting local talent and obtaining as much as possible knowledge about the music, the DJ/artist, the scene and of course the listeners on the dance floor. A couple of years down the line he left Jhb to Freestate to start building and cementing a path for his brand Rayzor Minora outside the province of Gauteng.

Rayzor Minora currently based back in Johannesburg in South Africa where he’s sculpting and sanding down his style and sound. He describe my music as friendly and easy listening a multiracial bliss of beats, soulful elements surrounded by rhythmic bass and driving percussive sounds filling the atmosphere with warmth. His aim is to create the musical journey to make your night worth your while.”


Bookings +27 78 668 8994

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1. Jaiden Veda — Soul Size Love (Josh Milan original mix)
2. Eric Pierre feat Les NubiansJust Come By , Greg Gauthiers Dance Culture mix
3. Osunlade — The Fifth Dimension (Original Mix)
4. DJ Beloved, Sheree Hicks — LOVE. U (Beloved’s Bounce Mix)
5. Blaze, UDAUFL, Arnold Jarvis — Make The Time (George Lesley Remix)
6. C66 ElAssaad, Jackie Queens — All On You (Mark Francis And Crue Paris Remix)
7. Dennis Ferrer, KT. Brooks — How Do I Let Go (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Afro Dub)
8. Emmaculate, Kaye Fox — Gold (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix)
9. Ralqum feat Monique Bingham – Claudette
10. Zulumafia — Darkest Day (Club Mix)