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Strong-willed, intelligent and soulful – this is MISS TDKAY
Growing up in a highly musical family, Miss TDK has been seeking to trademark her sound as uniquely inspiring.

Self-trained DJ with swift mixing skills she is also exploring music production and is eager to learn.

She is versatile when it comes to the music that she plays but soul and deep house remain her first and true passion.

Her experience to date has lead her to play at numerous major events alongside prominent DJs like Vinny, Miggs, Clive Bean, black cofee,dj zinhle and others.

Audiences are guaranteed to MOVE when she is on the decks.

Bookings: Call: 071 712 7232 or Email:

1. Hamo The Cotton Club – Boiler Room
2. LK – Honey
3. Black Loops – Cassette 7
4. Terry Lee Brown Junior,Ira_Ange – Innocent
5. Felix Leifur – Eyelids (Original Mix)
6. Black Loops – Sex Original Mix
7. Moon Boots feat. Lulu James – Tear My Heart
8. Fabio Giannelli – Grenouille
9. Moff & Tarkin – Long Shot Poems For Broke Players (Viktor Birgiss Remix)
10. Morris Audio 84 – Zoo Look – The sound of someone
11. Shur-I-Kan – Track Two (original mix)
12. Scott Diaz – Take A Chance
13. Mad Villains, Aisha Zoe – Senses

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