The Rhythm Sessions with ur #LunchTymMix

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Serving us the #LunchTymMix this week, Monday 6 April 2020, we have The Rhythm Sessions, a house music brand in the South African music scene formed by Edsoul & Fang DaRhythm. For these two brothers it’s all about good music, having fun, being creative and not being afraid of breaking the mould.

Prior to 2008, Edgar Mfaba (EdSoul) and Hlalefang Nomganga (Fang DaRhythm) were just individuals who loved to DJ and had a great love for sound engineering.

Little did they know their passion, experience, coming together to start The Rhythm Sessions would build this fresh brand 8 years later.

They built a solid foundation , “the art of mixing music and creating new music has always fascinated me” says Fang DaRhythm. Today, Traxsource has listed their first track in the top 100 list for 2016, they have music they made remixed by a grammy award winning DJ – Louie Vega and released on Vega records, are dressed by fine brand houses, are the only DJs in South Africa to play using Isolators, have featured seasoned artists on their songs including – Portia Monique, Sheldon so Goode, Wanda Baloyi, Brutha Basil. Their much anticipated album drops June 2017. Read More Here

Find them on social media
Facebook: The Rhythm Sessions
Instagram: The Rhythm Sessions
Twitter: @RhythmSessions


Track list

  1. The Rhythm Sessions ft Portia Monique – Cure (Artwork Remix)
  2. The Rhythm Sessions & NutownSoul feat. Ntokozo Mbhele – Black Butterfly
  3. The Rhythm Sessions & Nutownsoul – Without You
  4. The Rhythm Sessions & Nutownsoul – We Can Make It
  5. The Rhythm Sessions & Nutown Soul – Love Is The Way (Soul Mix Live)
  6. Isoul8 feat. Paul Randolph – On My Heart (KZR Blazed Vocal)
  7. Louie Vega feat. Nico Vega – How He Works (Nico Funk Dub 2)
  8. Jose Burgos and Kenny Bobien – Love Is The Way (Honeycomb Josh Milan Remix)