Tripherbian with ur #KnockOffMix on BestBeatsTv

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If it were not for his multi-talented nature as a broadcaster, content programmer, music compiler and writer – we would settle for just his appetite for kinky bass lines and impeccable timing on the dancefloor.

Enough weighted blame must be owed to the likes of Kerri Chandler, The Mountain People, Jimpster, Ripperton, Milton Jackson and the mighty Brett Jackson for breathing a refined taste for tantalizing grooves into the psych of Tripherbian’s development as a DJ.

What started over a decade ago as a thrilling intrigue for spinning wax, has now quickly spiraled into an out of control powerhouse whose sets wet the border between insanity and mystery. His timid nature is an understatement to the real noise he makes behind the decks – moments that drive crowds beyond any predictable paradigm of expectation; delivering an emotional yet jovial experience on the dance floor.

Facebook: Tripherbian
Instagram: tripherbian

+27 76 912 9401

Track List:
0:30 Abyss – Mind Games
3:04 Stimming feat. Urzula Amen – From One Cell

11:28 Martin Landsky – Let Me Dance
12:52 Kerri Chandler – Back To The Raw (Dark Instrumental Mix)
15:10 Milton Jackson – Requisite Vocal Science
26:34 Freestyle Man feat George Spruce – Gotta Need
39:53 YokoO – Satya
46:53 Lovebirds, Vincenzo – M.U.S.I.C.