UMngomezulu with your #LunchTymMix

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Dj and producer UMngomezulu representing Vinylifestyle Rooftop in JHB, South Africa.
Serving us the #LunchTymMix with the latest vinyl shipment from the store, Vinylifestyle Rooftop, 77 Commissioner St, Johannesburg.

I focus on contemporary issues and universal themes regarding human life, such as home, love,
loss and loneliness. I always find deep inspiration in being a seeker and a collector of things, and
in passionately observing everyday life. I’m often driven by personal situations, which then find
its way into my work, I deliberately make room seemingly purposeless play with all sorts of
objects and other materials, and my work is found in public and private collections worldwide.
uMngomezulu a.k.a Deepland , music creator and provider has long been a revered and
uncontested deep house guru on the circuit, with three albums to his credit, plus an inventive
remixes and live performances to boot, it’s not too hard to see why his growing day by day since
his emerge. Far from being a DJ, producer he is a music slave, a sonic explorer, roaming audible
landscapes in search of the uncharted territories from which he assembles new sounds, forging
new musical avenues.

Club residency from The Loft (2009), Cappello Carlton (2009), California Pub (2010), Kofifi Kafe
(2010), Pata-Pata (2011),Cappello Ghandi (2011/12), Goldmine Café @ Reef Hotel (2012),
Hangout Jozi (2016/17), Greenhouse Bar @ Salisbury Hotel (2017), The Wing Republic (2018),
The Social Club Maboneng (2018), Publicity Bar @ Silverstar Casino (2018).

Also have been featured on big underground Record Label Radio Shows/Podcasts

Such as Deepershades Of House –

The Deep Inspiration Show –

On Facebook: UMngomezulu
On Instagram: UMngomezulu

Vinylifestyle Rooftop
On Facebook: Vinylifestyle Rooftop
On Twitter: @vinyl_joint 


  • 1 Melquiades – Morning Breeze

    2 Hidden Spheres – The Feels

    3 Frank – Part Song

    4 Michael McLARDY/MOONLIT VISION Third Mind EP Pilot (Michael McLardy mix)

    5 Hamid – Flashlight Remembrance Ep “unkown”

    6 Cleanfield When You Return Ep “Faded Memory”

    • 7 Retza Eta – Carinae / Polar “Eta Carinae”

  • 8 Norta Sun Saft12 –  Untitled 1 (Fudge Fingas Remix)

  • 9 Bugsy ft Astroloop – New Vision

    • 10 Pepe Bradock – Surprise “Deep Burnt Edits”

    • 11 Dj Aakmael – Take It Back