Vetja Lavita With Ur #LunchTymMix

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Vetja Lavita is a South African producer and DJ behind the 2018 deep house hit singles ‘Reverberation ‘ and ‘Siy7.’ The tracks received acclaimed notability among house fans and DJ’s in South Africa and all the way to Brazil.

His bookings are ever growing and leading to him share stages with big names in the House Music Industry, the likes of Vinny da Vinci, DjBuhle, Dj Christos the list is endless.

Vetja Lavita – real name [Velani Zane Kheswa ], was born in Harding [KZN]and began his music career as a Kwaito singer and dancer when he first moved to Sebokeng (Gauteng) in 1999. In 2004, he learned to produce Kwaito, and in 2006 added house music. He later freelanced as a producer in genres such as Mbaqanga, Maskandi and South African Gospel. And also, in that time he DJ’d and performed as a dancer bashes a lot.

He is set to release an EP in 2019. Both singles (Reverberation‘ and ‘Siy7) are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and popular stores.

Find him on Facebook: Vetja Lavita

For Bookings: 073 098 9030
or email:

1. Folamour – Chapeau Rouge
2. Scott Diaz – 205 days
3. Sheldon So Goode – Sexy Dancer
4. Sterling Void – Its Alright
5. Scott Diaz – We Reminisce
6. Ray Okpara – Satin Curtain
7. M.ono & Luvless – Luanda
8. Zito Mowa – For The Fans
9. KVRVBO – Ginger Smack
10. Chanwill Maconi – Spillkin
11. Sir Sabzee – Liquid State